Los Angeles Corporate Limo Services

Few people travel as much as a corporate executive. Whether it’s attending cross-town business meetings or flying across the world, executives—and corporate businessmen in general—always seem to be on the go.
More and more businesses are finding that renting limousines is not only convenient but surprisingly cost-effective. For most businesses, buying and maintaining their own limos and hiring full-time drivers is costly. Taxi cabs can be unreliable, and cabs don’t offer the necessary space and privacy to conduct meetings en route.
Limos are perfect for conducting meetings while traveling, which saves time—and we all know that time is money. These corporate transportation can be conducted in exquisite comfort and absolute privacy.
Limos are available in various sizes and styles to meet the needs of any sized group.

Luxurious Rides
Taxis can’t begin to compare with the luxury and convenience of a limo. The extra leg room and the plush seating alone are well worth the extra money you have to pay for a limo, let alone the additional comforts and conveniences like the refreshments and relaxing amenities limos provide, like state-of-the-art sound systems. Limos also offer tables and extra space to work in. Some corporate limos offer teleconferencing capabilities.

Hosting Clients
Limos are also perfect for meeting with clients or other business executives, whether for business or for pleasure. Many businesses consider limos a necessity for that reason, knowing that impressing a client can often mean the difference between landing an account or not, which can make a huge difference in the company’s bottom line.
At Los Angeles Corporate limo Services, our chauffeurs know the ins and outs of Los Angeles. You can count on them to recommend restaurants and night clubs when you need to entertain clients, and they’ll get you to your destination in a timely manner. Our chauffeurs also keep tabs on the best spots for sight-seeing, relaxing or playing.
Our chauffeurs are flexible and accommodating, always looking out for your best interests. We run strict background checks on all our chauffeurs and screen them continually for quality control. We only employ the safest and most professional chauffeurs.

Airport Services
At Los Angeles Limousine Services, our Airport Services are available to those on our corporate accounts. Our chauffeurs and staff will carry your luggage to and from the limo. They’ll carry it to the airport lobby and take care of it until your flight is ready to depart.

Convenient Los Angeles Corporate limo Accounts

When a company avails itself of our Corporate Services, we provide several convenient options. You can pay your account weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, either by check or credit card. You can arrange to have your invoices sent via fax or email.
We’ll also arrange to provide you with specific chauffeurs who are familiar with your company and its needs. We also can provide multi-lingual chauffeurs to tend to the needs of your special clients from abroad. You’ll also be able to choose from our wide selection of limos, including town cars, luxury SUVs and stretch limousines. And we offer a variety of options with each limo.