Los Angeles Party Bus Services

If you’re looking for the ultimate in exotic parties, you’ll have to check out the Los Angeles party bus services, which are designed to function as a mobile party machine. These party-mobiles can take you from one party or hot spot to the next, and you can continue your party while in transit. There’s no better way to pick up new friends who are interested in having the night of their lives.
These buses normally feature a continuous couch for nearly the full length of the bus on both sides. Sometimes there’s a food-and-drink bar cut into the couch in the middle of the room on one or both sides. The couches are plush and comfortable, and a typical party bus will seat at least twenty people; some party buses will seat as many as thirty. You can also stretch out on the couches comfortably.

Special Optional Features
Some party buses feature a dance floor and dance floor lights on one end. Most buses feature some sort of exotic lighting system, such as neon or strobe lights, and some contain a striptease pole in the aisle.
Many party buses are equipped with optional features like state-of-the-art sound systems and plasma TVs, while some come with karaoke, satellite radio, iPods, or fog machines.
If you’re considering renting one, along with a chauffeur, you’ll have to check them out at Los Angeles party bus Services. You should take a friend along and look inside each of their limos and party buses to make sure you get the perfect one for your needs. You might be surprised at how affordable they are.

Non-stop Party
If you’ve never had a real chauffeur for a party, you don’t know what you’re missing. With a chauffeur, you don’t have to worry about winding through traffic, finding a parking spot, getting a ticket or getting pulled over for drunk driving.
At Los Angeles party bus rental , chauffeur will drive you to the door of any venue you want to check out, and he’ll pick you up at the door when you want to leave. So you and your buddies will never get lost or separated in traffic, and you can all hang out together all night without any of you having to volunteer as the designated driver.
You can use party buses for bar hopping, beach parties, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelor parties, or any other kind of party you can dream up. But they’re also great for shopping, sight-seeing, restaurants and tailgating at sporting events.

Party Chauffeurs
Our chauffeurs know LA inside and out, and we make sure our party chauffeurs get the inside scoop on all the hot spots in town. Your chauffeur can let you know beforehand what you’re getting into.
We screen our chauffeurs carefully to make certain they’re the safest and best drivers in LA, and all of them carry the proper insurance, licenses and permits. They’re courteous and professional, and they’re dedicated to giving you the time of your life.